China's national and political heart is home to a thriving membership and our largest team of China-focused analysts

Beijing, China's national and political heart

Beijing, the national capital, is the cultural and political centre of China and serves as a base of operations for a wide range of companies and other organisations. Beijing’s disproportionate share of unique assets like universities and its monopoly on central government bureaucracies draw in businesses active in knowledge-based, government-influenced sectors such as high-technology, banking and media. As Chinese state-owned enterprises dominate traditional sectors like agriculture, energy and natural resources, many firms active in those areas gravitate to Beijing as well. Together with Shanghai and Hong Kong, Beijing is one of three China locations in The Economist Corporate Network. Beijing is one of our most active Network branches, providing a robust schedule of plenary, C-suite and special purpose events that deliver content that meets the particular interests of Beijing-based enterprises and those with interest in China as a whole.

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