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Rachel Morarjee

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Rachel Morarjee is director of the Economist Corporate Network, the Economist Group’s advisory network and executive briefing service. She has lived in Beijing continuously for the last three years, having begun her international media career in China in the late 1990s. Immediately prior to joining The Economist Group, Rachel worked as the Reuters Breakingviews’ China columnist, covering financial risk and China’s recent overseas investment splurge. She earlier served as a consultant at Brunswick Group advising Chinese firms on their global media strategies and non-Chinese firms on Chinese government relations.

Before moving back to China in 2013, Rachel worked as a foreign correspondent for over two decades, writing for the Financial Times in London, Moscow and Afghanistan, covering subjects ranging from the Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan to Russian banking and European stock markets. A fluent Mandarin speaker, she worked for Agence France Presse as Shanghai Bureau Chief as well as in Hong Kong and Kabul during the beginning of her career. Rachel read Chinese and History at London’s School of Oriental and African Studies. 

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Asia Regional Strategic Forecast - READY FOR RISK? Positioning for growth amid rising risk

Rachel Morarjee

1st March 2019

READY FOR RISK? Positioning for growth amid rising risk

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Diversity, Demographics and Corporate Destiny

Rachel Morarjee

15th February 2019

Diversity is a buzzword that has been bandied around in workplaces so much over the last few years.

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