What is happening in your industry? In the industries that interface with yours? In politics? In business? In the markets you serve?

As a member you’d know, thanks to analysis including video, audio, slides, briefing papers, data trackers, data tools, spreadsheets and custom research online.


Possessing the intelligence is a great place to start. Understanding what it means allows you to act decisively.

Members see further than their companies because they have the tools to interpret the intelligence they receive. Briefings, conclusion papers and forecasts bring the facts to life.


Would you like to discuss common challenges with your peers in an informal, off-the-record setting? How about exchanging ideas via webinars?

Members are regularly briefed. They meet in person or online, to discuss operational and strategic issues from regulation and taxation, to marketing and human resources.

Online – In print – In person

Members know that whatever the business challenge they face, one call, one e-mail, one meeting could resolve it with the intelligence, insight and interaction they need.